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Looking for a Personal Trainer?
There are a lot of personal trainers to choose from in your area. BodyPhoenix has some tips and information that you should know before making your decision. It is extremely important to pick a personal trainer that is right for you and your needs. So, read up and don't make a mistake choosing the wrong trainer. "Product Spotlight" From time to time we suggest products we have personally seen and used on clients and will recommend these here, this month we recommend the amazing Nutrisystem Program. You can learn more and save yourself some money with these incredible Nutrisystem discount promo codes for 2015 from our friends who posted them on facebook for you Read More: Choosing the right personal trainer
New to the idea of getting a personal trainer?
First of all, don't be intimidated! When looking for a personal trainer don't be scared to ask... (Read More)

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Top Gyms with Personal Trainers
A quick guide and summary of large national gyms.

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